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Frequently Asked Questions

The subscriber who consumes the minimum amount of energy determined by EMRA, signs a discounted electricity supply contract and buys the energy from the supply company of his choice at a discount is called an Eligible Consumer.

With the decision of the Electricity Market Regulatory Board, subscribers who have consumed 1100 kWh or more of electricity within the twelve months retroactive to 2022 have gained the right to become Free Consumers.

For real persons (individuals); A photocopy of your identity card and one electricity bill from previous periods are sufficient.

For legal entities (institutions); A tax plate photocopy, signature circular, ID photocopy, and electricity bill from previous periods are required. It is sufficient that you sign the Subscription Agreement and Form IA-02. All other transactions will be carried out by us.

Subscribers who exceed the Free Consumer limit gain the right to become Free Consumers. Free Consumers can purchase energy from any energy supply company they wish within the framework of a bilateral agreement. If the Free Consumer leaves the company from which he buys energy, the service he receives is not interrupted. The incumbent continues to purchase electricity from the supplier at national tariffs approved by the board. If consumers within the scope of eligible consumers exercise their right to choose their supplier; Meters that are not suitable for consumers are replaced by the distribution company within the relevant month. If the meter is not suitable or not replaced, it does not prevent the subscriber from exercising his right to choose a supplier.

In accordance with the relevant legislation, services such as reading electricity meters, maintenance, repair etc. will continue to be provided by the distribution company in the region.

Changing your current supplier to Akfen Toptan does not require any additional costs. You can start using your electricity at affordable prices without any infrastructure changes.